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Completing the First Draft of "Good Girl Deprogramming"- A Journey of Pain and Progress

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

After two long and arduous years, I am thrilled to announce that I have finally finished writing the first draft of my book, "Good Girl Deprogramming." This project has been a labour of love, filled with pain, perseverance, and personal growth. As I reflect on this milestone, I am both relieved and excited to embark on the next phase of polishing and refining this important work.

Writing Good Girl Deprogramming has been an emotional rollercoaster. It delves into the deeply ingrained societal conditioning that has confined women to limiting roles and expectations. Unravelling these layers of conditioning required me to confront my own experiences and face the painful truths of our world. It was a process of unearthing buried emotions, challenging belief systems, and acknowledging women's struggles in their pursuit of authenticity and empowerment.

Throughout the journey, I experienced many moments of self-doubt, writer's block, and the constant battle between vulnerability and courage. There were days when the weight of the subject matter felt overwhelming, and I questioned whether I had the strength to continue.

Also, there has been *a lot* of emotional eating.

However, the passion to create change and the support of those who believed in this project kept me going, one word at a time.

Writing the book has been more than just putting words on paper. It has been a transformative process for me personally. Through research, introspection, and storytelling, I have gained a deeper understanding of my own conditioning and the societal constructs that have shaped my identity. It has been a journey of unlearning and redefining my beliefs, shedding the layers of the "Good Girl" persona I had internalised for so long.

The process of writing this book has also connected me with a diverse community of individuals who share similar experiences and aspirations. Engaging in conversations, reading personal stories, and learning from others' journeys has expanded my perspective and reinforced the importance of this work. Through these collective voices, we can challenge the status quo and foster a world where women can truly thrive.

After completing the first draft, I am filled with mixed emotions. Relief washes over me as I reflect on the immense effort and dedication poured into this project. Yet, excitement ignites within me as I look forward to the next phase - polishing and refining the manuscript. This is where I will refine my ideas, strengthen my arguments, and ensure the book resonates deeply with readers.

I am grateful for the invaluable feedback and support I have received to date. The journey is far from over, but I am determined to bring Good Girl Deprogramming to its fullest potential. I hope this book will empower women to challenge the narratives that confine us, celebrate our unique identities, and pave the way for a future of liberation and equity for all.

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