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Note book and a cup of coffee.


This is a place where I share my thoughts and my journey. I write about coaching, playing big, ADHD, self-compassion, loneliness, belonging and pirates.

Happy reading!

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Do you know how you're being perceived?

I didn’t. In fact, the terror of receiving any kind of “feedback” with any slightly critical elements stopped me seeking it. One of the...

Do you listen to your callings?

Ever since last summer when I took a creative writing course with the wonderful Alex Galviz, I’ve had this little niggle that I wanted to...

ADHD Support Resources

I'm getting contacted on a daily basis to ask about ADHD help with diagnosis and support. So here is my take on it... Think you have...

From Loneliness to Belonging

One of the not-so-fun side-effects of living undiagnosed ADHD for 42 years is that when you feel like you’re different, it’s hard to...

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