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Chapter Two - My Introduction to Playing Bigger

Last night we had our first Playing Big session. I got myself all comfy, had nice, soft cosy lighting and lit a candle. I was there. I was ready to learn.

Tara came on the zoom call with her warm, caring, comforting and familiar voice. She talked through the programme and the rules we have signed up. One of which was not to offer advice to anyone. Which is a skill I am having to learn. Her reasoning is that we all need to start listening to our inner wisdom. We know the answers if we only listened to ourselves.

We wrote about our definitions of playing big. What it meant to us.

Tara’s definition of playing big is “Being more loyal to my dreams than to my fears.”. Which is beautiful. My definition is:

  • Being more me. Sharing my gifts with the world

  • Not being afraid of what people think

  • Helping other people play bigger, according to what this looks like for them

  • Helping leaders make values-based decisions and rip up the rule book

I’m excited to help people playing bigger by:

  • Helping people in organisations to have the courage to do the right thing

  • Teaching my special brand of being courageous and creating professional trouble

  • Helping people to trust their gut and listen to their inner wisdom

My work on this programme is a laboratory to discover:

  • That we don't have to have the answers yet

  • How to help people be braver, more courageous, be more themselves

  • To role model the change I want to see in the world

  • I work in the quest of learning how to create better organisations and happier people

  • How to stop crimes being committed against employees

  • How I can empower people to speak up

  • Working with awesome people professionals

I can’t wait to get started, I want to learn how I can do this in my life and help other people to do this in their lives. I got a bit emotional on this call; I am filled with hope for a future where people happily strive towards fulfilling their potential.

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