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My Why (2019 edition)

So, I am a Chartered Business / Organisational / Work / Occupational / I/O Psychologist who has spent most of my career in Human Resources – Internal Recruitment as well as some training, career development and organisational development. I work for myself (I have the best boss ever!!) and I love it, the flexibility and freedom it brings and the chance to shape my own destiny and do whatever it is that I want to do.

What I do

Within my business I do two things – I help organisations hire awesome humans by supporting them with designing selection processes and a whole load of psychometric testing – which I love doing and it adds so much to selection processes.

And I help awesome humans (mostly Psychologists) realise and fulfil their potential. We are people who live for helping people and quite often we fail to realise that we are the ones who need help in this space. I always say… we can’t pour from an empty cup, so I am helping my amazing clients figure out what they should be doing and helping, supporting and mentoring them to take steps to get there. I am finding this so much fun and it’s so important to help these amazing humans get unstuck and learn how to use their powers for good!

I hate waste

My main why is that I hate waste, I get so frustrated when I see organisations waste so much time, effort, money and people getting recruitment wrong AND I literally can’t cope when I see the most flipping awesome people who add so much value and make such a difference to the world getting stuck, settling and not reaching their potential.

So, I set up Insights Business Psychology in August 2016 when I pretty much walked out of my last ‘proper job’ – it was not a fun time, I was probably going to get sacked anyway… it was just not working out for me or them. I was like bugger this for a bunch of bananas, set up on my own and vowed never to have a proper job again.

Let’s just say I’ve had an interesting first couple of years working for myself. I have learnt a load, failed a load, had a fab part time job at the NHS to stop my family from having to live under a bridge, but it has only been this year I really started to work on me. When I started to realise that I was not living up to my potential!! That I was wasting my talents.

How I’ve stopped wasting my potential

I got a fabulous coach and mentor the inspirational Psychologist Wendy Kendall who I am proud to call a friend and joined her Psychology Practice Accelerator with 2 other fantastic Psychologists and can honestly say that it has been life changing.

I was also accepted (on the third attempt) to the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator and have met the best people there and I get challenged in all the right ways – I have an incredible vision for the future of my business which is super exciting. I’ll share it with you soon!

I think the main thing I’ve learned this year is KEEP learning!! Never stop learning. Never stop improving, read, listen, watch. Expand your horizons, consider different perspectives. Get more knowledge, get some help. Read as many books as you can – Audible is amazing, you can listen to books when you are driving, cleaning, walking. Shout if you want some good recommendations.

I’m also a member of some awesome communities of humans – The Bitch Network, to help me with my assertiveness and confidence and Andrew and Pete’s Atomic community to help me with marketing my business.

So, my question is… have you figured out why you do what you do? Give me a shout if you want to work with me and we can figure it out together!

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