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Introduction to Good Girl Deprogramming @ Work

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The ground-breaking 2 hour transformation workshop that’s shifting mindsets, unlocking talent and enabling every woman to thrive in the workplace

We know how it works. As a Women's Network leader you have limited time, support and resources, but you still want to enrich your organisation with workshops that matter. 

Well now you can. Led by me, Organisational Psychologist and author Michelle Minnikin, this knock-your-socks-off workshop is intelligently empowering and upskilling women in more towns and cities than you can shake a stick at. 

And now it’s your turn. 

Guaranteed to engage and surprise, spark discussion, offer fresh angles on problems and spur innovation, this workshop is designed to deliver life changing (I kid you not) insight and learning. And when the penny drops with the realisation of why women are inadvertently holding themselves back at work, the aha moments are electric! More than that, every participant is given practical and highly effective tools, strategies and knowledge that they can apply to overcome self-doubt, increase confidence and unlock their full career potential, for the greater good of the whole company.  

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When women are navigating workplace dynamics with greater confidence and a stronger sense of community, they’re going to energise your whole organisation. This happy ripple effect breaks down barriers, uncovers hidden talent and kicks outdated thinking and ineffective practice out of the door. Brave? No. Common sense? Yes. 

Everyone Wins

When Talent Steps Out of the Shadows

It’s sad but true (and extremely common) that women hesitate to speak up in the workplace, and are likely to downplay their achievements. Without realising it, women arrive in the workplace already conditioned to fit into traditional gender roles and behaviours. So they hold themselves - and their potential - back. It’s a lose-lose situation.

But you can do something right now to help your organisation tackle the patterns of career-limiting thinking and behaviour by taking advantage of this highly respected workshop. Popular, powerful and playful - get ready for great feedback and positive forward action!



Hi, I’m Michelle and I can’t wait to bring my Good Girl Deprogramming @ Work experience to your organisation. Every time I deliver this workshop, I’m blown away by the feedback.


A bit about me - I’m a Chartered Organisational Psychologist with over 20 years experience in leadership development and personal growth. My mission is to empower women to create and live their ideal life, both personal and professional. 


Why this workshop?

Because it makes sense.

If your organisation doesn’t want to be left behind in the talent stakes, it’ll want to make sure it’s attracting and retaining great people with the best employee experience and career opportunities possible. This workshop directly supports those very goals and values. And (good to know) it’s easy to book, incredible value for money, packs a punch with awesome resources, and the learning keeps participants energised and active long after it’s finished. 

Expect more than you’re expecting!

In this dynamic 2 hour workshop, the participants will discover a lot of great things about themselves and start to unlock their amazing potential. Through engaging interaction, lively group discussion and stimulating practical exercises each person will:

  • Get a better understanding of why women are keeping their brakes on in the workplace and how to find the accelerator instead

  • Build new support networks and foster a stronger sense of camaraderie among fellow participants 

  • Develop positive, constructive strategies to challenge limited thinking and promote meaningful organisational change for everyone’s benefit

  • Experience personal growth and transformation, embracing their authenticity and reclaiming their career power

The best ROI that money can buy 
1. Interactive and Eye-Opening 

Active engagement, hands-on activities and group discussions. Gaining awareness and understanding of societal norms and their impact

2. The Good Girl at Work Quiz

Assessing your individual current situation to identify areas for growth. Establishing a baseline for personal development and self-reflection

3. Invaluable Post-Session Resources

Exploring topics of interest and implementing actionable strategies. Translating knowledge into meaningful action for lasting (not flash-in-the-pan) change

4. Official Good Girl Deprogramming Resources

Getting introduced to additional resources for ongoing exploration and development. Deepening understanding and sustaining real progress beyond the workshop.

5. A Safe and Supportive Environment 

Engaging in open discussion and fostering connections in a supportive atmosphere. Feeling empowered to share experiences and insights without fear of judgement.

6. Personal Transformation

Experiencing growth and empowerment, embracing your authenticity and reclaiming personal power. Unlocking full potential and thriving in all areas of life. 

Psst…Here’s What People Are Saying About 
Good Girl Deprogramming @ Work …

Gemma Robinson, People and Culture Director 

"I attended a Good Girl Deprogramming session a few weeks ago with Michelle and to be honest I haven’t stopped thinking about since.
It’s difficult to find the right words to describe the session. I could say it was fun, interesting, challenging, informative, and it was all of those things, but I’m not sure any of those descriptions really do it justice.
The concepts that Michelle introduces both in the book and the session, are at times difficult to face, but they are important and I left feeling like I’d been walking around with blinkers on most of my life and now I see the things that Michelle talks about everyday.
I’m still reflecting on it all and I think I will be for some time to come. But one thing is certain, somethings started, awoken, changed for me. If you’ve read the book or attended the sessions you’ll know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t then I would highly recommend it."

Reframing Problems to Kick-Start Solutions
Good Girl Deprogramming @ Work 

Want Me to Invigorate Your Organisation? 

Get in touch, let's chat. 

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